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Industry City is a 16-building industrial complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn built by Irving T. Bush at the turn of the 19th century. Industry City was central to establishing the Brooklyn waterfront as a major port for maritime trade and is still one of the largest operational industrial complexes in the region, home to a cross-section of light industrial, manufacturing and warehousing tenants.

Industry City is in the early stages of a regeneration program intended to diversify the use of its 6 million sq ft of space to better reflect 21st century production. This includes a cultural component that aims to establish a new paradigm for industrial redevelopment that does not displace artists, workers, local residents or industry, but instead builds a sustainable community of working artists in a context that integrates cultural and industrial production.

Arts-oriented activity began in 2007 with ’s relocation to Industry City from midtown Manhattan. This was followed in early 2008 by the establishment of 45 low-cost studios for artists in financial need, along with , a new venue for film, which hosts its weekly screenings in an un-rented studio space.

Ongoing development includes market-rate studios as well as periodic public art programming. Industry City is also actively seeking industrial tenants for art-related production such as fabrication, storage, crating, and shipping.

Industry City’s arts initiative occurs amidst the long established and still growing industrial and manufacturing community that preceded it. For more information on leasing non-art-related manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse space please visit .

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